policies and procedures

san jacinto community college district policy manual

these policies and procedures have been developed to inform you of your rights and responsibilities as college employees, and to acquaint you with the variety of services, benefits, and facilities available to you at san jacinto college. faculty and staff are encouraged to download this information and keep it on hand as a convenient reference for matters of employee interest and concern. by reading this material and being an informed, responsible member of the san jac staff, you can contribute to the institution's success and strengthen san jacinto college's excellent reputation.

glossary of definitions

board of trustees

   board of trustees bylaws
policy ii.2000.a  policy and procedure development, review, revision, and rescission
procedure ii.2000.a.a  policy and procedure development, review, revision, and rescission

local governance

policy ii.2001.a  substantive change
procedure ii.2001.a.a  monitoring substantive change
procedure ii.2001.a.b  reporting substantive change
iv-c-14  policy for college officials serving on committees, commissions, boards or agencies
3-14  college officials serving on committees, commissions, boards or agencies


vi-cc  policy on internal fundraising
vi-s  policy on naming college facilities and academic and support entities
3-23  naming college facilities and academic and support entities


2-12  use of college facilities


vi-bb  policy for governing intercollegiate athletics
vi-hh  policy on drugs and testing for student athletes

fiscal affairs

policy iii.3001.b  financial standards
procedure iii.3001.b.a  acceptance of donations
policy iii.3001.e.a  budget preparation
procedure iii.3001.e  budget preparation
v-d  policy on travel
policy iii.3005.a  college mail
procedure iii.3005.a.a  college mail
policy iii.3001.f  tuition and related items
procedure iii.3001.f.a  tuition and related items
policy vi.6003.c  resident status
procedure vi.6003.c.a  resident status definitions
v-j  policy on scheduling classes
v-l  policy on college emergencies/natural disasters/business continuity
v-n  policy on identification cards
policy iii.3001.a  investment policy and strategy
policy iii.3001.d debt management
procedure iii.3001.d.a debt management: post issuance compliance
v-q  policy on fixed assets
vi-l  policy on use of equipment
vi-u  policy on records management
4-13  records management
2-6  parking

fiscal affairs - facilities services

v-k  policy on keys and proximity cards
3-16  keys and proximity cards
vi-m  policy on security control
2-7  physical plant
2-7-a  maintenance requests
2-7-b  emergencies
policy iii.3004.a  remodeling and renovation of college facilities
procedure iii.3004.a.a  remodeling and renovation of college facilities
policy vii.7000.a  electioneering
procedure vii.7000.a.a  electioneering
policy iii.3004.b  sustainable energy management
procedure iii.3004.b.a  energy management

fiscal affairs - grants

2-4  contracts and grants

fiscal affairs - internal audit

policy iii.3003.a  ethical conduct and conflicts of interest
procedure iii.3003.a.a  ethical conduct and conflicts of interest
policy iii.3003.b  prevention of fraud and fraudulent actions
procedure iii.3003.b.a  prevention of fraud and fraudulent actions

fiscal affairs - payroll

policy iii.3001.c  payroll
procedure iii.3001.c.a  payroll
4-3  incorrect salary placement
iv-e-2  policy on overtime / compensatory time procedures
4-16  overtime / compensatory time

fiscal affairs - police

2-9  police emergency
policy iii.3000.a  campus carry
procedure iii.3000.a.a  campus carry

fiscal affairs - contracts and purchasing

vi-y  policy on historically underutilized business program
3-15  historically underutilized business program
vi-aa  policy for the establishment of a centralized purchasing system
policy iii.3007.b  contract authority
procedure iii.3007.b.a  contract authority
v-b  policy on purchasing
2-13  purchasing
v-c  policy on bidding
2-14  bidding

fiscal affairs - safety

policy iii.3008.a  use of college owned or leased vehicles
procedure iii.3008.a.a  use of college owned or leased vehicles
vi-kk  policy on tobacco use and smoking
3-10  tobacco use and smoking
2-11  safety
iv-b-4  policy on communicable disease
8-3  communicable disease
procedure iii.3008.b.b  public health emergencies
4-7  wellness
iv-c-7  policy on medical examinations
iv-c-8  policy on new employee medical examinations

human resources - policies, procedures and interpretations

iv-a  definitions
vi-w  policy on work place violence
3-11  work place violence
3-2  drug-free workplace
policy iv.4005.a  remote and alternate work schedule arrangements
procedure iv.4005.a.a  remote work
procedure iv.4005.a.b  alternate work schedule
iv-g-5  policy on reduction in force
4-22  reduction in force
policy iii.3006.a  use of recording devices by employees and students
procedure iii.3006.a.a  use of recording devices by employees and students
policy iii.3006.b  volunteer service
procedure iii.3006.b.a  volunteer service
policy iii.3006.c  animals on college property
procedure 111.3006.c.a  animals on college property

human resources - benefits

iv-e-5  policy on sick leave
iv-e-8  policy on development leave
iv-e-3  policy on insurance


(currently under review. please contact hrbenefits@sjcd.edu with any questions.)

4-7-b  retirement
4-7-c  employee assistance program
4-7-e  credit union membership
iv-e-4  policy on solicitation of business of optional retirement and tax sheltered annuities representatives
4-7-g  solicitation of business by optional retirement and tax-sheltered annuity representatives
iv-e-6  policy on bereavement leave
4-8-a  bereavement leave
iv-e-11  policy on holidays
4-8-b  holidays
iv-e-10  policy on any court appearances
4-8-c  court appearances / jury duty
iv-e-7  policy on personal business leave
4-8-d  personal business leave
4-8-e  religious holidays
4-8-f  sick leave
4-9  sick leave bank
iv-e-12  policy on vacations
4-8-h  vacation
iv-e-9  policy on military absence
4-8-j  military leave
4-8-k  family and medical leave
iv-e-16  policy on tuition reimbursement
4-14  tuition reimbursement
8-1-c  retirement plan
policy iv.4000.a  educational advancement incentive for full-time non-teaching employees
procedure iv.4000.a.a  educational advancement incentive for full-time non-teaching employees
4-27  procedure on lactation
policy iv.4000.b  americans with disabilities act
procedure iv.4000.b.a  americans with disabilities act

human resources - compensation

policy iv.4001.a  compensation
procedure iv.4001.a.a  administrator and staff salaries
procedure iv.4001.a.b  faculty salaries
procedure iv.4001.a.c  faculty formula pay
procedure iv.4001.a.d  extra service agreements
procedure iv.4001.a.e  stipends
procedure iv.4001.a.f  market premiums
procedure iv.4001.a.g  non-exempt employees and overtime
procedure iv.4001.a.h  exempt employees
procedure iv.4001.a.i  merit salary increases
procedure iv.4001.a.j  reclassification and reorganization
procedure iv.4001.a.k  working during emergencies or weather-related events
procedure iv.4001.a.l  compensation during an unscheduled college closure

human resources - employee relations

iv-g-2  policy on termination or demotion for non-contractual employees
4-15  termination or demotion of non-contracted employees
iv-g-1  policy on termination or demotion for contractual employees
4-23  termination or demotion of contractual employees
iv-g-4  policy on non-renewal of contractual employees
5-17  non-renewal of contractual employees
iv-i  policy on employee concerns and grievances
3-19  employee concerns and grievances
policy iv.4002.a  protection from retaliation for reporting suspected wrongdoing
procedure iv.4002.a.a  protection from retaliation for reporting suspected wrongdoing
iv-b-3-b  policy on employee harassment
1-2  employee harassment
4-24  employee performance counseling and corrective action

human resources - employment

policy iv.4003.c  outside employment
procedure iv.4003.c.a  outside employment
iv-b-1-a   policy on equal opportunity institution
iv-c-1  policy on employment of contracted personnel
iv-c-2  policy on employment of non-contracted personnel
iv-c-4  policy on interviewing and recommending full-time contracted personnel
iv-c-5  policy concerning assignment to acting positions
policy iv.4003.b  transcripts, licenses, and certificates
procedure iv.4003.b.a  transcripts, licenses and certificates
I  equal opportunity affirmative action statement
iv-c-9  policy on nepotism
3-7  nepotism
policy iv.4003.a  filling vacancies
procedure iv.4003.a.a  job vacancies
procedure iv.4003.a.b  screening committee
4-5  employee transfers
iv-g-6  policy on acceptance of resignation or retirement
4-20  employee exits
5-1  faculty recruitment

human resources - performance management

iv-f-1  policy on performance management for full-time faculty, staff and administrators
4-11  performance management for full-time faculty, staff and administrators
policy iv.4004.a  secondary review of validated performance rating
procedure iv.4004.a.a  secondary review of validated performance rating

human resources - records management

4-12  personnel records


policy v.5002.a  definition of credit hour
procedure v.5002.a.a  definition of credit hour
iv-e-14  policy on intellectual property rights and honoraria
iv-e-15  policy on educational advancement
vi-ii  policy on awarding posthumous degrees
6-13  awarding posthumous degrees
vi-jj  policy on awarding honorary degrees
6-14  awarding honorary degrees
iv-h  policy on academic freedom
vi-a  policy concerning teaching/learning environment
vi-b  policy regarding planning research
vi-c  policy on role of faculty in institutional governance
vi-e  policy on faculty meetings
vi-g  policy on semester reports
policy v.5001.b  classroom behavior
procedure v.5001.b.a  cheating, plagiarism, collusion, and fabrication
vi-k  policy regarding appropriate use of copyrighted materials
2-5  instructional media
2-8  office of planning, research and evaluation
iv-c-10  policy on duty hours
5-22  full-time faculty substitution pay
3-3  duty hours
5-3  office hours * faculty workload
5-4  other duties as assigned
5-6  selection of a department chair
5-7  sabbatical leave
5-8  space allocation / room assignment
5-9  statement of primary language
iv-c-15  policy on teaching classes outside normal duties
5-11  teaching classes outside normal duties
5-15  professional publishing
5-18  adjunct faculty
5-20  distance learning/hybrid
6-1-a  class rolls
6-1-b  class scheduling
6-1-c  gradebook
6-1-d  mid-semester
6-1-e  semester grade reports
6-1-f  posting grades
6-1-g  end-of-course exhibits
policy v.5001.a  student attendance
procedure v.5001.a.a  student absences for religious holidays
procedure v.5001.a.b  military service
procedure v.5001.a.c  shift workers
policy v.5000.a  auditing courses
procedure v.5000.a.a  auditing courses
6-6  class schedule numbering
6-7  examinations
6-7-a  mid-semester
6-7-b  final exams
6-8  student grade appeal process
6-10-a  class field trips
6-10-b  class library visits
6-10-d  scheduling audio visual media

information technology systems

vi-v  policy on information resources
2-3  computer services - information technology services (its)
2-3-a  individual responsibilities for computing resources
2-3-b  computer security
2-3-c  electronic communication (e-com)

marketing, public relations, and government affairs

policy vii.7001.a  public relations
procedure vii.7001.a.a  public relations
policy vii.7001.b  publications, academic calendar, distribution of literature and advertising
procedure vii.7001.b.a  publications, academic calendar, distribution of literature and advertising
4-10  public information request
policy vii.7002.a  alcohol usage at events on college property
procedure vii.7002.a.a  alcohol usage at events on college property
procedure vii.7002.a.b  alcohol usage in college programs

student services

policy vi.6000.a  student records management
procedure vi.6000.a.a  student records management
policy vi.6000.b  confidentiality of student records
procedure vi.6000.b.a  confidentiality of student records
policy vi.6002.a  academic suspension appeal
procedure vi.6002.a.a  academic suspension appeal
policy vi.6002.b  accessibility services for students
procedure vi.6002.b.a  accessibility services for students
policy vi.6003.a  evaluation of transcripts for transfer students
procedure vi.6003.a.a  evaluation of transcripts for transfer students
policy vi.6003.b  admissions
procedure vi.6003.b.a  admissions
procedure vi.6003.b.b  senior citizens enrolling for classes
policy vi.6004.a  compliance with health insurance portability and accountability act (hipaa)
procedure vi.6004.a.a  compliance with health insurance portability and accountability act (hipaa)
policy vi.6004.b  Student Conduct & Discipline
procedure vi.6004.b.a  student conduct and discipline
policy vi.6004.c  student complaints
procedure vi.6004.c.a  students complaints
policy iii.3006.d  sexual misconduct
procedure iii.3006.d.a  allegations of sexual misconduct
3-5  identification (id) cards
vi-n  policy for students appealing a final grade
iv-b-3-a  policy on student harassment
1-1  student harassment

student services - financial aid

policy vi.6001.a  financial aid
procedure vi.6001.a.a  student employees
procedure vi.6001.a.b  federal and texas work study student employees
procedure vi.6001.a.c  return of title iv funds
procedure vi.6001.a.d  types of funds awarded by financial aid
procedure vi.6001.a.e  satisfactory academic progress
procedure vi.6001.a.f  financial aid appeals


vi-r  policy on enrollment in san jacinto college children's center
2-1  campus libraries
policy iii.3002.a  library collection development 
procedure iii.3002.a.a  library collection development